EASCO Trade Pages

EASCO was formed more than twenty years ago, when the self catering associations from a number of England 's major seaside resorts joined forces to lobby the government on a number of issues that were current at that time. The original name was The British Self Catering Federation (BSCF), but this was changed to EASCO when Wales and Scotland gained their own tourist boards and went their separate ways. Issues of UK-wide significance are dealt with through FoNSCA, the Federation of National Self Catering Associations, which represents the common interests of our colleagues in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. EASCO participates in this organisation and currently provides its Vice-Chair.

These pages are primarily for those in the industry. If you are looking for a self-catering holiday, please go to the EASCO Holiday Website.

The Aims of EASCO

EASCO Membership

EASCO has a diverse membership comprising:

  • Owners of self catering holiday accommodation of all types who operate their businesses independently but want the support of a wider organisation. The properties concerned can be individual or multiple units, town houses and apartments, country cottages and castles, or seaside houses.
  • Associations of various sorts but generally representing owners of self catering properties is a particular geographic area such as Cumbria or a location such as a particular resort or of a particular type.
  • Agencies that let self-catering accommodation on behalf of the property owners including agencies that offer management services as well as booking services.
  • Consortia of letting agencies who operate and a cooperate in a specific geographic area such as the Cornish Association of Holiday Home Agencies (CAHHA) or more widely such as Cottage Line.

The wide variety of members gives the gives the Association its strength. If you are in the self-catering business, jin us today. On these pages you will find all the information that you need.